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Tell me if this sounds like you:

You feel like your grief has a deadline.
Everyone around you asks if you are ok and if you have moved on.
When people say say, “I can’t even imagine,” although it’s nice and true, you kind of want to slap them because you are living the unimaginable.

I get it my child
died too

Theodore Royal was born on February 15, 2019 and seemed perfectly healthy at birth. Three weeks later we found out he had a congenital heart disease and it flipped our world upside down. He spent eight weeks in the hospital and had a successful surgery! We flew home together and everything went so smoothly. He came off all of his medications and weaned off the feeding tube. We even went on some family vacations and had a wonderful, but still stressful summer together. He was a healthy happy baby until one beautiful and terrible August day…. he died.  Read more here…

You don't ever have to stop grieving

Grief comes in waves, in tornadoes, hurricanes, in still air and any weather. On bright blessed days and in dark sacred nights. You may never know when its going to rush over you. In early grief you may get thrashed around by the storm and you may let it happen because its just too heavy, and thats ok. At some point you might start preparing for the next one, picking up the pieces, and understanding that when the next storm comes you will want to have the means to face the storm and maybe even prevent it from getting too huge. We are here for you in the storms and in the stillness.

Grief is always going to be there.

You don’t have to do this alone.

You can grieve however, whenever, and with whoever you choose.

Let’s face this together. 

"The presence of the physical body isn't required for there to be love between two souls."
-Marie Goudraeu

Be with us

Whether you are looking for an uplifting moment or dedicated support.

Join a bereavement group

Meet face to face where you can speak your truth without judgement, be acknowledged and hear other parents stories. You don't have to carry grief alone.


Learn how to grieve your child creatively for the rest of your life, and show family and friends how they can help. Your child's memory lives on in you.

Share your heart

This is an online app like facebook, but not, where you can share, post, and talk about your child in a group without being distracted by the general public posts.


Child bereavement activities, music and videos to help you face your storm.

Take a short grief quiz

What kind of griever are you today?


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Transformational Story

When Theo died in August of 2019, I had no idea where to start… Therapy? Grief group at Primary Childrens Hospital? Getting something set up for my living 3yo son? Almost nothing was available and I was overwhelmed with loss. Waiting lists for support were long months away from Theo’s death. I had to wait until October for the hospital grief group to start and it was almost more than I could bear. When it finally started I was so relieved to know I was not alone in the death and grief of my child. It was such a wonderful group and we all got along so well. But… the group was only 6 weeks long and we needed more time so we all planned to meet once a month. That lasted for quite a few months until covid hit and it dwindled off. In the middle of this a therapist finally accepted me as a client I was so excited to get some help, but my first few appointments were horrible, she didn’t understand why I was so upset and she just wanted to fix me, compartmentalize my grief and get me to move on… My grief doesn’t work that way so I walked away. My next therapist was wonderful to talk to and I could talk all day, but she still didn’t quite understand the depths of the death of a child, she had never experienced it and Covid didn’t allow us to meet in person. So I let that therapy dwindle off too… In the middle of Covid I decided to take fate into my own hands and start my own zoom group. I found 2 women who wanted to grieve together. They came regularly almost every week! I was thrilled we actually understood one another and could really speak our truth even if it was hard to say or hear. We even got as far as making our own retreat together and meeting in person at a cabin in Kamas, Utah. It was a lovely vacation full of rest and relaxation, adventure, wonderful conversation and even laughter. Our conversations are still going strong today! I can’t wait to have more groups like these and start making creative memories with all of you!

love, Kenzie 

Aubrey Taylor

As a holistic health and mindset coach, trapped and suppressed emotions are one of the number one things I see negatively impacting physical health and triggering dis-ease. often, these trapped emotions are ones of grief. Creative Ways to Grieve is an excellent resource to help us all acknowledge grief and lovingly release it - not just one, but continually as part of a healing lifestyle. I love the founder, McKenzie has turned her grief into her life's mission to help others. Grieving is part of the human experience, and we all need these creative tools. What grief could you acknowledge and release that would help your physical body heal? Go check out Creative Ways to Grieve today!
~Aubrey Taylor, Functional Nutrition Counselor

Jeanne Call

Death is something I have struggled with... I think most people struggle with it! The hardest is when someone you know loses a baby or a young child. I have even lost a friendship with a dear friend because I didn't know how to support her. I felt so helpless because nothing I did or said was right. I was heartbroken to lose her friendship. As I have gotten to know Kenzie, I have learned so much. She is so open and honest. She knows the pain of losing a child because she has experienced it. I can see mistakes I made with my friend. I wish I had known Kenzie when my friend was struggling. If you have a loved one who is in pain because they lost a child, Kenzie is THE person to connect with. She has created a program to help that is one of a kind. There are so few options to help mothers as they grieve this terrible loss. Call Kenzie!
~Jeanne Call


I was at the birth of her son Theo, who died. I know the ends of the earth she went to try to find healing for him and how she strives to keep him a part of her family now that he is gone physically. She is incredibly empathetic to the pains suffering parents experience at the loss of a child. Creative Ways to Grieve is an innovative and powerful support for those who want to never forget their child, but who also don't feel that traditional grief services are really hitting the nail on easing their endless pain. If you've lost a child or know someone who has, please connect with Creative Ways to Grieve. ~Sarah- Filmmaker of The Touch of Life films

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